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Week 26: Leveled Readers

Hello 2A Families!

This week we are starting leveled readers! Your child will be bringing home a blue book bag with their name in the tag. They will be using these the remainder of the year, so please encourage them to take extra special care for them and the booklets inside (we are hoping to remake booklets every 2 years!) . On Mondays (or Tuesdays in the case of shorter weeks), books will be switched out. Please indicate on the reading logs in the bookbags if the book is either too easy or difficult, and we are able to assess students prior to changing the level the following week. 

SCIENCE This week, we begin a new unit all about simple machines. Review the following simple machines with your student: lever, pulley, wheel and axle, wedge, inclined plane, and screw. See if you can find examples of each in your home or neighborhood.
HISTORY We are wrapping up the unit on the War of 1812 this week. Our last lesson will cover the Battle of New Orleans and then your student will take a short…
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Week 25: Classroom WishList

Hello 2A Families!

We are in need of a few classroom supplies, as spring time is around the time things get a little low in the classroom. 

2A Wishlist:

#2 PencilsExpo MarkersPaper TowelsErasers
HISTORY We are continuing the unit on the War of 1812. We will learn about James and Dolley Madison, the burning of Washington, and Old Ironsides. We will also learn about the creation of our National Anthem.
SCIENCE This week we will study for and take a test about the human body. Look for a study guide coming home on Tuesday. 
POETRY Scholars will be start to memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution. This will their focus over the next three weeks. Recitations of "Smart" are ongoing all of week 25.
SPELLING There are 30 spelling words this week. Mondays words are trophy, voices, voice, eight, ate, afraid, uncle, rather, comfort, election, and elect. Tuesdays words are aboard, jail, shed, refuse, district, restrain, royal, objection, and object. Wednesday's words are pleasur…

Week 24: Picture Day Reminder

Hello 2A Families!

Just a reminder, Picture Day is tomorrow, February 3rd. :)

Scholars should focus on memorizing the fifth and final stanza of "Smart" by Shel Silverstein. Remember, your child is working towards complete memorization of this poem by this Thursday, February 6th.
SPELLING We continue cursive instruction. There are NO spelling words. There will be handwriting homework each evening. Scholars will learn how to write cursive capital letters and then how to write each multi-letter phonogram.
LITERATURE and WRITING Scholars read Chapter 6 and 7 of Little House in the Big Woods. They will meet two bears in the woods and learn how to bleed maple trees for syrup! Our copywork is a lengthy sentence from our story. We summarize “The Story of Pa and the Bear in the Way” and then a passage on “bleeding” trees.
GRAMMAR Scholars learn how to identify the part of speech of a single word this week. Then your child will begin to learn to learn about paragraphs in preparation for…

Week 23: Field Day!

Hello 2A Families!

We need a few volunteers for class to help with donating a cooler and snacks.  Please be on the lookout for a separate email for our class!

Athletic Field Day is Friday, January 31st from 8:30-11:00 for K-2 classes and from 12:00-2:30 for grades 3-5!  Each year classes are assigned a Greek City State for their team. This year, your child’s team is Macedonia, and our team color is red. Your child may wear a plain red shirt (no logos) other than class section or Greek City State and athletic pants or shorts. There will be no school lunch offered on Athletic Field Day.  Please send your child to school with a lunch. Volunteers for field day are also needed. Please sign up using the following link: help with the events. 

MATH We are well into our Multiplication Unit with working on our 4s and 5s this week! It is very important to practice with your child memorizing the different fact families (counting by 2s, 3s, 4…

Week 22: Library Notice

Hello 2A Families!
If you have received a notice from the Library about overdue books, don't fret! It turns out our classroom cleaning crew accidentally put a few of the library books in our classroom library. 😬  Books will be turned in today!

POETRY Scholars are working to memorize stanza 3 of "Smart" by Shel Silverstein. Remember, they will be memorizing the entire poem by February 6th.
LITERATURE We continue to read and enjoy Little House in the Big Woods. We finish reading Chapter 3 and then read through Chapter 4. We see how our characters celebrate Christmas this week.
SPELLING We have 20 spelling words since this week is shortened. Please see the breakdown below. Tuesday: apple, ate, author, bread, brown, dog, eats, fast, food, jump Wednesday: sleep, wash, yellow, nine, face, miss, rides, ride, tree, sick
WRITING Little House in the Big Woods is full of moral vignettes that illustrate the dangerous aspects of the frontier setting. This week scholars summarize two of these ep…

Week 21: XTra Math Emphasis

Hello 2nd Grade Families,

We are placing emphasis on fluency when it comes to our math facts! Your XTra Math login information will be coming home in red folders today. When your child completes a math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication) they will be eligible for a prize in class. :)

HISTORY  Next week, your child will continue the discussion of the Constitution. They will learn about our Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights. They will understand that some people were opposed to the Constitution during the time it was written. 
SCIENCE  Your child will learn about cells, tissue, and organs. They will be able to describe that cells make up tissue, which makes up, organs, which make organ systems. 
MATH We are continuing with our addition and subtraction strategies. For weekend homework, we are now counting XTra Math as fluency practice! Your child's teacher will be able to supply you with the login information. It is a very simple program that can be done on the computer …

Week 20 :Welcome Back!

Dear 2A Families,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday break. We are ready to hop back into our routines, and are very excited to back into the classroom. :) 

POETRY "Smart" is a lovely poem by Shel Silverstein. Second grade scholars will work hard at memorizing the entire poem over the course of the next five weeks. However, slow and steady wins the race! We will be focusing on one stanza each week. This week we memorize stanza one.
LITERATURE We begin Little House in the Big Woods. If you haven't already, please send in your child's copy. Scholars will be creating a lap-book as they study this literary classic. It will be a record of the reading activities they complete as they work to build their vocabulary and comprehension. Scholars will be reading the first chapter this week.
SPELLING We have 30 spelling words this week. Please see the breakdown below. Monday: need, thus, woman, women, young, fair, fare, dollar, evening, plan Tuesday: broke, feel, sur…