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Week 5 Google Classroom

Good Morning 2A Families, It was wonderful seeing everyone Friday/Saturday during our community Zoom! We are plugging along with our Google Classroom Curriculum! A note about grading going forward: Grading: We will still be sending back comments on all the work that gets turned in, but we will also be assigning a grade per day (1-4). This grade will reflect a combination of the percentage of work completed and the general quality of that work. It would be a great help to us if you are able to turn in each day’s work as it is finished. A great tip is to use the camera feature on the google classroom app. This will allow you to go to the day, snap a picture of your child’s work, and immediately upload it. Thank you for your help with this! If you are turning in the work under one day, please make a special note of where to find it. It will reflect "not turned in" on your end, however will not be counted as late, as we have the full week's work . Please look at the Goo
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Week 4 Google Classroom

Good morning 2A Families! This week we will be touching base with how to read tables and graphs in math, as well as learning about magnets in Science! There is a special read aloud by Mrs. Smith we hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to continue to work on Xtra Math this week do you can be on the shout out list! Please look on the stream in Google Classroom for links to this week’s Zoom sessions. We can’t wait to see you all! With Grateful Hearts, Mrs. Guevara and Mr. Kiehne

Google Classroom

Hello 2A Families! This week we are transitioning to Google Classroom! Please follow the instructions that were given on Friday in order to sign up and start exploring the classroom. There is a place for you to turn in packets one and two from the previous weeks, and find work for the upcoming week. The daily schedule is moreso a pacing guide. We understand that some families have parents still working from home and might have designated homework days, or have more than one child needing access to the computer to work. Work for the week will be due the following Monday, with the exception of the first due date (next Tuesday). Our weekly Zooms have changed slightly to Tutoring with Mr. Kiehne on Tuesdays, and our Zoom Community on Friday. This week’s community building will be discussing the virtue of the month, Integrity! We will be assisting with troubleshooting and updates on Google Classroom this week, and will be able to direct you to tutorials and answer questions you might

Zoom Meetups!

Hello 2A Families! It was a pleasure hearing from you all! I am excited to share that we will be able to host two Zoom Meetings this week with our class! 💜 Zoom is a site that is currently being used by all of our teachers and administration throughout the Great Hearts Network enabling us to Video chat and have some face time, which has been lovely throughout this ordeal. You are able to sign up with a free account on your computer or downloaded as an app on your phone. You can find the site HERE . We will have one meeting on Tuesday, 10:00-10:30 to say hello to everyone and have a small chat about our virtue of the month, Perseverance. Click the link below to join the meeting: We will also have a meeting on Friday, 10:00-10:30 to answer any questions you might have concerning the packet. We cannot wait to see all of you! We had a few questions concerning the French portion of the packet. Pl

Hello From Home!

Hello Wonderful 2A Families! We cannot express again how much we miss all of our wonderful students and families. We hope during this time you are safe with your families, and possibly working on some new crafts and hobbies!  I for one, am catching up on my large stack of books, watching Disney Princess movies, and working on some fashion styling/drawing/stitching! My cat Abbie doesn’t think I’m funny 😒 My son Elias and I have taken a few walks last week to get fresh air! You have most likely by now received the 2nd Grade Packets. If you have somehow missed it, you may locate the online version of the packet HERE . I urge you to consistently check in with updates on the Great Hearts website, as the FAQ will have the most recent updates. Mr. Kiehne and myself will be calling families starting today throughout the week to answer questions about the packet that you might have, as well as to say hello to you and the kiddos! We are currently working on setti

Week 28: Happy Spring Break!

Hello 2A Families! A few reminders before our spring break: 1. Please turn in field trip permission slips! If you need another copy, feel free to email me! 2. If your child needs a more challenging level, please make a note on the reading log so the following week we can increase the level.  Blog Blurbs: POETRY Scholars are reciting the Preamble to the United States Constitution throughout the  week . SPELLING There are 30 words this  week . Monday’s words are whole, hole, address, request, raise, August, struck, getting, get, don’t. Tuesday’s words are Thursday, Saturday, admission, canoe, captain, cautious, caution, cellar, covered, creature. Wednesday’s words are curtain, declared, declare, distance, distant, explain, floated, ghost, holiday, holy. Scholars are writing their words in manuscript and in cursive. LITERATURE We finish Little House in the Big Woods this  week ! Students put the finishing touches on our literature lapbook. Our next book is Sarah, P

Week 27: Field Trip!

Hello 2A Families! FIELD TRIP Our field trip to the Pioneer Living History Museum is on Friday, March 20! We will be leaving at 8:15 am and returning around 2:00. A   permission slip  has already been sent  home in your child's homework folder.  If you would like to chaperone this fun field trip, please email me by Wednesday, March 4 . We will select and send more information to chaperones after that date. Please be sure your child brings the following:  Sack lunch (everything should be able to be thrown out after eating) Disposable water bottle Wear tennis shoes and sunblock Hat & sunglasses (optional) MATH We are finishing up our money unit with understanding equations and word problems. We are finishing up this unit with a cumulative test on Friday. SCIENCE Next  week  we will continue our study of simple machines by learning about inclined planes, wedges, and screws. HISTORY Next  week  your child will become an American pioneer! We begin our un